Verso buys Green New Deal book from Pettifor

Verso buys Green New Deal book from Pettifor

Verso will publish Costing The Earth: How to Pay for the Green New Deal by economist Ann Pettifor.

Leo Hollis, senior editor at Verso, has acquired world rights to the title with publication slated for the autumn.

Pettifor was one of the few people to predict the 2008 financial crash, the independent publisher said. Back in 2008  she co-authored the original Green New Deal and in 2018 was awarded the Hannah Arendt Prize by the German Heinrich Boll Foundation.  She is working with Yannis Varoufakis and others on a European Green New Deal, and has advised both Corbyn's Labour Party, the US Justice Democrats and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  She also wrote The Production of Money, published by Verso in 2017, which explores the nature of money and the monetary system.

Hollis said of the deal: "It is wonderful to work with Ann again, and on such an important subject.  She has been instrumental in thinking through the GND [Green New Deal] from the outset, and her book not only explores what the ideas are, but also, crucially, how it might be financed."

Pettifor is based in London and is also director of PRIME, Policy Research in Macroeconomics, a network of economists that promote Keynes’s monetary theory and policies, focusing on the role of the finance sector in the economy.