Versita launches 'largest ever' Open Access journal programme


Academic publisher Versita is to launch 100 emerging science journals on an open access model in 2012. 

The focus of the programme is on "young and rapidly developing" fields of science which have not yet been covered by a designated journal. The topics have been identified in areas of the life sciences, chemistry, medicine, physics and mathematics.

Versita said it has several distinguished scientists among the editorial boards of the various journals, including Sir Harold Kroto, the 1996 Nobel Laureate in chemistry, and professor Jules A Hoffman, the most recent Nobel Prize-winner in medicine.

"One of the main reasons of this outstanding support is the Open Access publishing model, which provides free and unlimited access to the journal articles for all interested readers. In view of Academic Spring – and with Open Access gaining a momentum across scholar communities worldwide - Versita is not planning any publication fees for the first two years," said the publisher. 

Jacek Ciesielski, founder and CEO of Versita, commented: “The emerging topics identified by Versita have all been experiencing growing interest among scientists in recent years. We believe that starting this publishing program in open access format will facilitate dissemination of the latest research results, making the journals the primary publishing options and a default communication hubs for authors writing in these scientific areas.”