Vermilion to publish new book from hypnobirthing coach de Cruz

Vermilion to publish new book from hypnobirthing coach de Cruz

Vermilion is publishing a new book on parenting from Hollie de Cruz, author of successful hypnobirthing title Your Baby Your Birth.

Her new book, Motherhood Your Way, promises to be "a gentle and nurturing guide to the first year of parenthood", offering mindfulness and hypnosis techniques, affirmations and exercises to calm the mind, build resilience and turn down the noise of outside opinions.

Senior commissioning editor Samantha Jackson at Vermilion bought world rights from Jessica Stone at Independent Talent.

The book is scheduled for UK publication in February 2021. 

"I am so pleased to be publishing Hollie’s next book," Jackson said. "Her first book was ground-breaking in the parenting space and this new book has all the ingredients to be a major success too. Hollie’s calm and reassuring advice, for which she has become renowned, will help new parents everywhere to avoid the worry and comparison trap, and to trust in their own ability and natural instincts—you know your baby best!"

De Cruz added: "Motherhood Your Way is the book I wish someone had written for me when I became a mum for the first time 10 years ago. I think so many of us struggle to trust our instincts and follow our hearts, and that has a tendency to suck a lot of the joy out of those early years with our babies. With this book, I really want to give you the encouragement you need to do things your own way, the confidence to worry less about what other people are doing, and the clarity to find more balance and contentment in your little one’s first year."

Your Baby Your Birth has to date shifted 16,812 copies in total via Nielsen BookScan's UK TCM.