Vena sets up leadership company

Vena sets up leadership company

Digital publishing expert Marcello Vena has set up a new “on-demand” leadership services company called All Brain.

Vena, the former manager of the digital trade book business of RCS Libri, one of the largest European book publishers and owner of Rizzoli, Bompiani and Fabbri Editoria, will launch All Brain in September in time for Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

The consultation company is targeted at top executives across the value chain of the media industry, from publishing groups to retailers, authors and agents.

A beta website for All Brain describes the company as having “a unique entrepreneurial holistic approach to consulting that does not only provide clients with an outstanding forward looking vision and strategy, but also with measurable worldclass results.” The website adds: “We envision a new corporate role: the chief future officer. It builds on the roles of chief digital officer and chief innovation officer with broader general management and operational responsibilities to effectively deliver the future.

It’s going to be a long journey, as chief future officers and their underpinning organisational structures can hardly be created in a short time. Until then, All Brain will strive to be the best available alternative to chief future officers.”

The company believes that “to forge the future, leadership matters more than management.”

Vena has worked in the digital publishing industry for 17 years across the USA, Europe and Asia.