Vaizey slams Burnham

<p>Shadow culture minister Ed Vaizey has accused his opposite number Andy Burnham of &quot;ignoring his responsibilities as secretary of state&quot; by refusing to intervene in the library closures in the Wirral.</p><p>Burnham last week told the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) that he &quot;is not minded at this stage to investigate further or intervene&quot; in Wirral, where the council intends to close 11 libraries, nearly half its service.</p><p>Vaizey said: &quot;Andy Burnham&#39;s refusal to take action in the Wirral effectively renders the 1964 Public Libraries Act meaningless. While it is local authorities&#39; responsibility to provide libraries, the Act very clearly lays responsibility for ensuring a good service at the culture secretary&#39;s door. It Andy Burnham is not prepared to intervene when library provision is slashed in a local authority such as the Wirral, it is clear that he is ignoring his responsibilities as secretary of state, which in the process renders any sense of libraries being a statutory requirement for local authorities meaningless.&quot;<br /></p>