Uviebinené to investigate changing work culture for Hodder Studio

Uviebinené to investigate changing work culture for Hodder Studio

Hodder Studio has signed a multi-project deal with Slay in Your Lane co-author and brand strategist Elizabeth Uviebinené. The deal includes an audio-first project, a hardback book and a documentary podcast.

Due to publish in spring 2021 with distinct audio and print editions, The Reset: Why Isn’t Work Working, What’s Next? will "examine our changing work culture by starting with the question 'How can I work differently?', and ending with a much bigger one, 'How can working differently change the world?'".

It will be followed by "The Female Takedown", a documentary podcast investigating "the cult of the millennial female c.e.o." as well as "the fall from grace" of Audrey Gelman, founder of women's co-working space The Wing.

Editorial director Harriet Poland bought world rights in all projects directly from Uviebinené.

The Reset is Uviebinené's first solo literary project. In the audiobook, according to the synopsis, Uviebinené investigates "the likely impact of a fundamental realignment of how we work and live", in conversations with business leaders, politicians and activists, including London mayor Sadiq Khan and Channel 4 c.e.o. Alex Mahon. It explores the psychological and creative freedom of moving at your own pace in your own way, the output potential for businesses if the workforce isn’t tied to a metropolis, and the global implications of freeing the economy from the city.

The audiobook will be followed a month later by a short hardback, The Reset: Work Isn’t Working, What’s Next?, condensing everything Uviebinené has learnt into "a vision of the future". 

The podcast "The Female Takedown", investigating the rise and fall of "the #GirlBoss" via Gelman, comprises six "fast-paced" episodes. They explore "the complex web of capitalism, sexism, white feminism and personal brand at the heart of the millennial female empowerment dream".

Uviebinené said: "How we work and live is no longer a theme at the edges, it's now the only theme. It's been fascinating speaking to the people at the forefront of this conversation since long before the pandemic. My hope is to show that a lazy one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work and this project is about giving individuals more control and forcing businesses to listen and take action.

"'The Female Takedown' is the story of how capitalism’s tentacles stretch through every element of life. It’s a look behind the glossy image of brand feminism at a world that’s exclusive and backed by big investors focused on commercial success. I’m excited to be working with Hodder Studio on these projects."
Poland commented: "Elizabeth brings depth of knowledge, insight and intelligence to every project she works on. What makes her truly special is that she’s also retained genuine curiosity and a desire to ask the right questions and listen to the answers. We’re incredibly proud to be stepping into the unknown with her with these ambitious and innovative projects."

Slay in Your Lane, co-authored with Yomi Adegoke, was published by Fourth Estate.