Usborne heads to Brazil with Nobel Franquis

<p>Usborne has signed a deal with Nobel Franquis SA to distribute its titles into the Brazilian market. Nobel Franquis owns the largest chain of franchises in the region including 200 bookshops and outlets via chains, supermarkets, hospitals and toy stores.</p><p>Usborne&#39;s books will be translated into Brazilian Portuguese for the market and will launch in May 2011. Foreign editions manager Jilly Black said: &quot;We expect to sell in about 50 titles in the first year. The titles they want are very similar to our other established foreign edition markets including touchy feely books, sticker books and our Farmyard Tales series.&quot;</p><p>Print runs are expected to be around 3,000 copies per title although there is the potential for far higher print runs if the publisher secures a government contract to supply schools.</p><p>The Brazilian market is high price and there is little international competition, said Black. However, she added: &quot;It&#39;s our stock and our risk, but Nobel Franquis is confident that these books will do well.&quot;</p><p>Earlier this year Usborne announced that it would be stepping up its foreign edition business following a 34% growth in sales in the previous year. Usborne&#39;s foreign editions market already includes Latin America, and territories in Europe.</p>