US publishers report strong initial sales on the iPad

<p>US publishers are experiencing strong sales on the iPad after just one month of selling iBooks on the new device. Publishers Marketplace spoke to a number of US publishers on condition of anonymity with &quot;responses from multiple houses&quot; which indicate very strong sales in the first month at the iBookStore, with an upsurge following the release of the 3G version last Friday.<br /><br />The report continues: &quot;One publisher saw a three-fold increase over last weekend alone; another said sales were up more than 400% in that period. At another company, sales for the week ending last Sunday, iBooks sales of their top titles nearly doubled. But even prior to the 3G&#39;s debut, responding publishers saw the iBookstore move quickly to a meaningful share of their ebook market. For most companies surveyed iBooks sales comprised 12 to 15% of all ebook sales before the new models landed, quickly equaling or surpassing Sony as their number two ebookseller.&quot;<br /><br />The piece concludes that it is very early to draw any significant conclusions, &quot;other than to be encouraged by a strong start for Apple&#39;s initiative&quot;. <br /><br /><br /></p>