US indies 'agree new e-book terms with Amazon'

US indies 'agree new e-book terms with Amazon'

The Perseus Books Group and 400 other independent publishers have reportedly agreed new e-book terms with Amazon in the US.

Publishers Weekly has reported that the publisher and 400 indie presses which use its Constellation e-book distribution service have reached a new agreement on e-book terms, but the detail of the deal has not been released.  

The US book trade magazine said: “That Amazon would reach new e-book sales terms with Perseus, as the e-tailer continues a protracted and much-covered impasse over terms with Hachette, will certainly raise eyebrows and bring questions. The big question, as some sources noted, is what e-book terms Perseus agreed to with Amazon, that Hachette has not, and will not.”

According the to news outlet, Amazon insisted that Perseus communicate the news to its clients over the phone, rather than via email, due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Neither Amazon or Perseus would comment on the development.

The e-tailer’s stand-off with Hachette over e-book terms is still ongoing, with Douglas Preston, founder of Authors United, saying that Amazon appears to be meeting the group’s concerns with “disparagement” and “an escalation in sanctions”, in the latest development.

"Heavy pressure" over terms has also been experienced by UK publishers.