US e-book sales bounce back after buyer adjust to agency

<p>US e-book sales for July 2010 were &quot;record-breaking&quot;, with sales up 250% year-on-year. </p><p>Trade sales for the month were $40.8m according to a report by the International Digital Publishing Forum, which collects e-book statistics based on US wholesale trade in conjunction with the Association of American Publishers.</p><p>The figure was a 250% year-on-year boost compared to July 2009&#39;s figure of $16.3m. The previous high was $31.9m.</p><p>The statistic reverses a <a href="" target="_blank">slight sales dip</a> second-quarter e-book sales, when according to website &quot;consumers negatively responding to raises in prices created by new business models such as Apple&rsquo;s &#39;agency&#39; approach&quot;. </p><p>&quot;Customers seem to have adjusted, though we&rsquo;ll never know how high this latest spike might have gone if prices had remained in the $9.99 range,&quot; the website concluded. </p> <p><br /><br /><br /><br /> </p>