Unpublished Barbara Cartland novels released

Unpublished Barbara Cartland novels released

Dozens of unpublished Barbara Cartland books are being released for the first time following a partnership between Ingram and M-Y Books.

The deal sees M-Y Books, a UK service provider for independent publishers, using Ingram to print and distribute classic and unpublished Cartland titles in three collections: the Eternal Collection, the Pink Collection and a Spanish Language Collection.

Ingram is using print on demand platform Lightning Source to create and distribute physical copies, and using its e-book platform CoreSource to distribute digital books.

Cartland was one of the most prolific novelists of the 20th century, publishing 723 books before her death at the age of 97. She also left behind 160 unpublished manuscripts. The Eternal Collection will be made up of dozens of her classic romance novels, while the Pink Collection will include more than 100 of the unseen books. M-Y Books has worked with Cartland's son Ian McCorquodale to release the new material.

David Taylor, senior vice-president of content acquisition international at Ingram Content Group, said: "We are pleased to work with M-Y books to introduce Barbara Cartland to a new generation of readers. Whether print or digital, her titles can now be enjoyed by more readers around the world. This is just one example of how single-copy print on demand is fundamentally transforming the publishing industry to expand the reach of books worldwide."

Print editions are priced at £7 in paperback, with e-books at a range of prices.