"Unique" diet title to Orion

"Unique" diet title to Orion

Orion has acquired a new diet title, originally a self-published e-book, to be published in paperback on 14th February 2013.

Orion non-fiction publishing director Amanda Harris bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Araminta Whitley at LAW for The 5:2 Diet Book by Kate Harrison, to be released in mass-market paperback on Valentine's Day.

The theory behind the book is that by eating less for one or two days a week, you trigger physical and mental changes that help your body and brain repair itself. Harrison started the diet in August 2012, and has lost 20lbs already, according to the publisher. In the book, former BBC journalist Harrison explains the science behind the diet and the practical aspects of intermittent fasting, with recipes for home cooks. Her diary also charts her progress from dubious dieter to convert.

Harris said: "Kate's guide brings something very unique to 5:2/intermittent fasting book publishing. She translates the science for us and has skilfully created a dieting community that, with her help and support, continues to lose weight and keep it off. She's an inspiration."

The acquisition comes as The Fast Diet by journalist Mimi Spencer and broadcaster Dr Michael Mosley (Short Books) takes the top spot on Nielsen's Official UK Top 50 chart. The Fast Diet also encourages five days of normal eating, and two days of limited calorie consumption.