Umberto Eco publishes first book with Quercus

<p>Umberto Eco is to publish his third volume to <em>On Beauty</em> and <em>On Ugliness</em> with MacLehose Press, an imprint of Quercus.</p><p><em>An Infinity of Lists: From Homer to Pynchon </em>has been translated from the Italian by Alastair McEwan. The book is an illustrated celebration of lists in literature, music and art. It will be published in hardback priced at &pound;35 on 5th November this year. </p><p>Eco is an Italian medievalist, philosopher, literary critic and novelist, best known for his novel <em>The Name of the Rose </em>(Vintage). Eco&#39;s other previous titles include <em>Foucault&#39;s Pendulum</em> (Vintage) and companion titles <em>On Beauty: A History of a Western Idea </em>(Secker &amp; Warburg), <em>On Ugliness </em>(Harvill Secker) and <em>On Literature</em> (Vintage).<br /><br /><em>The Infinity of Lists </em>is also the title of the series of cultural events taking place at the Louvre in November, curated by Eco. <em>On Beauty</em> and <em>On Ugliness</em> were published by Secker &amp; Warburg and Harvill/Secker. </p><p>UPDATED 4th August: </p><p>Harvill Secker publishing director Liz Foley, said Eco&#39;s long-term relationship with Random House was unaffected by the publication.&quot;<em>The Infinity of Lists</em> is a one-off and a special project. We remain Umberto Eco&#39;s publisher, he&#39;s a key author for us,&quot; she said. &nbsp;</p><p><em><br /></em></p>