UK 'outstanding' for Random House

<p>Random House c.e.o. Markus Dohle has promised that the company will continue to invest in book acquisitions and marketing in 2009, as part of its strategy for dealing with the economic downturn. In an end-of-year letter to staff, Dohle also said Random House UK had contributed &quot;an outstanding performance that helped increase market share and outperform the market&quot;. </p><p>Dohle stresed the importance of targeted investment, &quot;we will continue to spend several hundred million dollars to acquire and market our books worldwide&quot;. He also promised that author development would be the &quot;number one objective&quot; of RH&#39;s publishers. However Dohle added that the responsibility of the 130-plus RH imprints around the world to be financially accountable was &quot;imperative.&quot;</p><p>Dohle said that RH sales and operations teams worldwide would build capabilities to re-supply to retailers who now order lower initial quantities more speedily, responding to consumer demand for titles. Random House e-book publishing programmes would continue to grow, with Dohle pointing to a 400% growth in e-book sales in the US over the past year. Tough cost-saving would also be a key emphasis of the strategy, as would building on green initiatives. &quot;In the UK, a carbon-footprint action plan will save 250 tonnes of CO2 per annum,&quot; said Dohle.<br /><br />Dohle added: &quot;Verlagsgruppe Random House had an outstanding year, with record sales and profitability in Germany. Random House Mondadori exceeded its ambitious fiscal-year targets, with excellent operating results in Spain and now also in Latin America. The Random House Group UK dominated the London <em>Sunday Times</em> bestseller lists with more #1 titles than any other publisher: an outstanding performance that helped increase market share and outperform the market. </p><p>&quot;Random House Kodansha had a huge success with Randy Pausch&rsquo;s <em>The Last Lecture</em>, and Random House Korea in a fragmented marketplace surpassed most of its domestic competitors. Random House of Canada achieved its financial goals for the year with a record number of #1 bestsellers and numerous literary-award recognitions. In a most difficult year, Random House, Inc placed more books than ever before on the <em>New York Times Book Review</em> weekly bestseller lists: 265 titles; 25 at #1.&quot;</p>