UK e-book market not mature enough for wireless, says Sony

<p>The UK e-book market hasn&#39;t matured enough to justify the launch of a wireless reading device on these shores, Sony has said.</p><p>This week Sony announced a 3G wireless e-book reader for the United States, on the same day that it launched a pocket and touch screen reader for the UK market. Amazon is expected to announce the launch of its wireless-enabled Kindle reader in Europe imminently. But Richard Palk, general manager for content and services development at Sony, told <em>The Bookseller </em>that the Sony wireless device would come to the UK, but the time wasn&#39;t yet right for launch.</p><p>He said: &quot;As with any consumer electronic product, it&#39;s fairly normal for us to launch a proposition at different times in different markets. The digital reading market is considerably more advanced [in the United States] than in Europe. We would want to bring that product out at the right time.&quot;</p><p>He said that the pocket and touch screen devices were launched with a view to develop a &quot;mass market&quot; of e-book devotees. He refused to put a timescale on the wireless device&#39;s UK release date. He said: &quot;We need everything to be in place. We need a wealth of books and periodicals, good connectivity and awareness about the technology. The stars have to be aligned.&quot; </p><p>The news comes <a href="../news/95581-amazon-to-launch-kindle-in-europe-next-week.html" target="_blank">amid industry rumours </a>that Amazon will launch the Kindle, also with Wi-fi and 3G connectivity, in Europe next week, pre-empting the Sony release. </p>