Two thriller deals for Headline

Headline fiction publisher at large Martin Fletcher has made two sets of acquisitions, including a debut novel by Cityboy author Geraint Anderson.

Fletcher bought UK, Commonwealth, excluding Canada and including ANZ and Europe exclusive rights to two books by Anderson from Lizzy Kremer at David Higham Associates. The first novel, Just Business, will be published in June 2011.

The thriller is about a money laundering scam that goes wrong resulting in murder on the streets of London, Morocco and Goa.

Fletcher said: "Geraint Anderson is a wonderfully witty wordsmith with a laser eye for the ego and greed in the world of high finance. Just Business is wildly inventive and incredibly funny in its dark satire on City behaviour as well as being an edge-of-the seat thriller."

In a separate deal, Fletcher bought UK, Commonwealth including Canada, ANZ and Europe exclusive rights to two novels by thriller writer Steven Dunne from David Grossman. Dunne has switched from HarperCollins as part of the deal.

Headline will publish the first title in May 2012. Entitled Deity, it is about five college students who appear to have committed suicide.

Fletcher said: "Steven Dunne is an exceptional writer of serial killer thrillers. He informs his narratives with an acute intelligence and is razor sharp about the psychology of his characters. He is particularly good on delinquent and wayward youth . . .

"It’s great to have a British thriller writer on our list who writes so well."