Two Roads buys stray dog's story

Two Roads buys stray dog's story

Two Roads has bought the “true story behind the heart-warming and miraculous tale of a stray dog who captured the hearts of millions the world over when he joined a team of Adventure Racers”.

Kate Hewson, in her first acquisition for the John Murray Press imprint, bought UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, in Arthur: The Dog Who Came in from the Jungle by Mikael Lindnord from Simon Trewin at WME at auction.

The book will be ghost-written by former publisher and editor Val Hudson.

In November 2014, deep in the jungles of Ecuador, a team of Swedish athletes, Team Peak Performance, was preparing for another leg of a 430-mile race through mountain and jungle, when team captain Lindnord spied Arthur, a scruffy and miserable stray dog who he felt sorry for and offered some food, expecting him to eat and leave him and the team alone.

When the team set off for the second half of the race, Arthur followed the group, and when the group finished their race Lindnord took Arthur back to Sweden.

The story was reported worldwide and a YouTube clip of the story has been viewed more than 1.1m times.

Two Roads will publish in May 2016.