Braybrooke and Slight promoted at Scribe UK

Braybrooke and Slight promoted at Scribe UK

Two promotions are to take effect at Scribe UK as editor-at-large Philip Gwyn Jones steps down next month to take up the role of Picador publisher. Sarah Braybrooke (pictured left) is set to become publisher and managing director, while Molly Slight (right) will be editorial director.

Scribe founder and owner Henry Rosebloom said: "I’m delighted that Sarah and Molly have agreed to take over Philip’s work on acquisitions. I’m confident that they will do excellent work in continuing to build the UK list and expand our market presence in the coming years.

"Sarah and Molly have been pivotal in setting up Scribe in the UK and I am confident in their abilities to steer it through this challenging moment to emerge with a list that is more compelling and impactful than ever."

Braybrooke will acquire commercial non-fiction and narrative non-fiction, and Slight will head literary fiction and narrative non-fiction.

Braybrooke said: "Notwithstanding the difficulties all publishers currently face, I’m so proud of what Scribe has achieved in just seven years in the UK, and really honoured to be working with Molly to continue the work Philip has done to establish our presence in the UK."

Slight added: "It has been wonderful to see Scribe go from strength to strength and I am delighted to be taking it into the next phase of its life with Sarah. Philip set incredibly high standards, and I am looking forward to upholding these, both working with Scribe’s existing authors and bringing in new voices."

Jones will depart Scribe UK on 22nd May.