Two Kobek novels to Serpent's Tail

Two Kobek novels to Serpent's Tail

Serpent’s Tail has acquired two novels, I Hate the Internet and Never Let it Stop, by Turkish-American author Jarett Kobek.

Serpent’s Tail acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Inkwell Management.

Set in the San Francisco of 2013, I Hate the Internet offers a "hilarious and obscene" portrayal of life amongst the victims of the digital boom. As billions of tweets fuel the city’s gentrification and the human wreckage piles up, a group of friends suffers the consequences of being useless in a new world that despises the pointless and unprofitable.

Never Let It Stop takes the two central characters from I Hate the Internet 30 years back in time to the beginning of their friendship, at the tail end of the "bad old days" of 1980’s New York, and gallops through a decade of NYC life punctuated by the deaths of Warhol, Basquiat, Wojnarowicz, and Tompkins Square Park. It’s a novel of "real life fronted by two characters hanging on to each other for dear life as the world around them gets chopped up and dissolved in a bath tub".

Publisher Hannah Westland said: "In I Hate The Internet, Jarett Kobek has created a furious, sparkling satire which takes aim at the tech industry, its creeping colonisation of our private lives, and its destructive transformation of the once radical city of San Francisco. This is one of the bravest and most accurately angry books I can remember reading, one which made me roar with laughter and finish feeling outraged. This is timely, urgent fiction, and exactly the kind of provocation we at Serpent’s Tail find irresistible. We can’t wait to publish."

Kobek said: "When I Hate the Internet was published in the US, I never imagined that it’d end up inaugurating a relationship with a press that I’ve admired for years. With its focus on transcendent highs and dodgy lows, Serpent’s Tail is the perfect home for my work."

Serpent’s Tail will publish I Hate the Internet in November 2016 and Never Let It Stop in Autumn 2017. Viking Penguin US has acquired North American rights in Never Let It Stop.

Translation rights to I Hate the Internet and Never Let It Stop have sold to Fischer Verlag in Germany, Éditions Mazarine/Fayard in France, Xander in Holland, Leya in Brazil, and Booka in Serbia.