TV deal for World of Norm series

TV deal for World of Norm series

The World of Norm series by Jonathan Meres (Hachette Children’s Group) has been optioned for a TV series by production firm Sigma Films.

Karen Lawler, head of licensed content at Hachette Children’s Group, signed a deal with Sigma Films, whose recent feature film “Outlaw King”, starring Chris Pine, was released by Netflix in 2018.

The 13-book World of Norm series deals with the mundane trials and tribulations that face Norm – a normal boy who has to deal with embarrassing parents, an annoying next-door neighbour and his life being “so unfair”. The series has garnered fans including comics Harry Hill and Eddie Izzard.

Lawler said: “We’ve always thought that the laugh-out loud adventures of the perennially unlucky Norm would make a brilliant TV series and are delighted to add this project to Hachette Children’s Group licensing’s roster of TV and film adaptations. Sigma Films has an amazing track record of award- winning, critically acclaimed productions and are the perfect partner to bring Jonathan’s hilarious and heart-warming books to the screen.”

Meres added: “If you told me when Norm first came out that it would become a 12 book series, be published all over the world and be optioned for TV, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second! But I’m absolutely delighted – in particular that it’s Sigma Films, who so clearly understand Norm and his world. I can’t wait to see what they do.”

Gillian Berrie at Sigma Films added: “As filmmakers with young teenagers we recognise the honest and unique perspective Norm has on the world. He’s our generation’s Oor Willie with a sprinkle of Dennis the Menace. Sigma is looking forward to adapting this for all devices imaginable.”