Second injunction filed against Mary Trump

Second injunction filed against Mary Trump

The Trump family has filed a second lawsuit against the publication of Mary Trump's exposé, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family created the World's Most Dangerous Man (S&S.)

It comes as the first motion against Donald Trump's niece was overturned Queen's County Court on 23rd June. 

The president's brother Robert Trump filed the second lawsuit on 26th June in New York Supreme Court, on the grounds of a confidentiality clause Mary Trump signed in 2001. The second suit is similar to the first, and seeks to block the book's publication,  in addition to declaring Mary Trump has breached the clause and may incur damages. 

In a previous statement the family's attorneys had argued that "there’s not an adequate remedy at law because no award of monetary damages can ameliorate the loss that will be suffered if Mary Trump is permitted to violate the settlement agreement and publish accounts of her relationship with her uncles and aunts without their consent. Accordingly, this situation requires entry of a preliminary injunction."

S&S's US attorney Elizabeth McNamara wrote a letter to the court, stating: "Regardless of Mr Trump’s efforts to make this seem like a small dispute about the breach of a confidentiality provision in a settlement agreement, to which Simon & Schuster is not a party, the relief he requests is among the most extraordinary remedies a litigant can request under the law, a prior restraint of speech on a matter of public interest."

S&S is to publish the book in the UK and US on 28th July. It has also published John Bolton's Trump tell-all, The Room Where it Happened, which incurred an injunction that was overruled.