Biteback to publish 'true story' of Diana's fatal crash

Biteback to publish 'true story' of Diana's fatal crash

Biteback Publishing has signed a title claiming to tell the "true story" of Princess Diana's fatal crash in 1997 by an employee of the Al Fayed family.

Iain Dale. m.d. of Biteback Publishing, acquired world rights to Diana & Dodi: The Truth by Michael Cole from Jonathan Lloyd at Curtis Brown.

Cole worked for the Al Fayed family as the director of public affairs for Harrods and is the "only" person who knew all three victims of the Paris road tunnel crash - Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul, their driver, according to the publisher.

A spokesperson for Biteback said: "Cole discovered that the Princess had not survived her terrible injuries nearly two hours before news of her death was announced by the British ambassador. During that surreal interval, it was reported that Diana was not badly injured and had walked to the ambulance. At first, Michael thought the crash was a tragic accident that had robbed two young people of their lives and happiness. But even before that things started to happen which to him, a seasoned journalist and award-winning TV correspondent, seemed strange.

"He sensed a cover-up, with the authorities on both sides of the Channel anxious to write off the deaths of the world’s most celebrated woman and her lover as accidental. But an English jury brought in a verdict of ‘unlawful killing’. This is the inside story of what really happened."

Biteback will publish Diana & Dodi: The Truth on 31st August 2017. That day will mark the 20th anniversary of her death.