Tristan Gooley's Wild Signs to Sceptre

Tristan Gooley's Wild Signs to Sceptre

Sceptre has acquired a new book by natural navigator Tristan Gooley, Wild Signs and Star Paths, to show how our "sixth sense" works outdoors.

The book, subtitled In Search of Our Lost Sense, will publish in 2018. It was acquired from Sophie Hicks at the Sophie Hicks Agency. It aims to demonstrate how the sixth sense works outdoors through the practiced ability to make connections and then draw conclusions from all the evidence presented to our senses, without slow methodical thinking.

Gooley said: "Anyone unfamiliar with this type of thinking may fail to spot a ‘missing’ step and be forced to view this ability as something mysterious, unfathomable. But once the missing step is highlighted, all becomes clear. We have allowed ourselves to become so distanced from this way of experiencing our environment that it may initially seem hard to believe that it is possible. I intend to show how everyone can develop this ability and hence enjoy the outdoors in a new and exciting way."

It follows other titles by Gooley including How to Read Water, published by Sceptre in April that has become a New York Times bestseller, and The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs (Sceptre, 2014) and The Natural Explorer (Sceptre, 2012). These books were acquired from the Sophie Hicks Agency, which has now sold translation rights in Germany (Riva Verlag), China (Changjiang Literature & Art Publishing House), Taiwan (Morning Star Publishing), Korea (EK Book), Japan (A&F), Italy (Mondadori) and Turkey (Butik).

Acquiring editor Rupert Lancaster commented: "The success of Tristan’s books and the huge audiences drawn to his talks show what an original and inspiring writer he is. We’re very proud to be his publisher and delighted to be part of his on-going quest to make the world of nature and the outdoors more accessible to more people."