Trigger Mortis revealed as title for Horowitz's Bond

Trigger Mortis revealed as title for Horowitz's Bond

Anthony Horowitz’s forthcoming James Bond novel will be called Trigger Mortis (Orion), and the book will see the return of iconic Bond Girl Pussy Galore.

Plot details for the book have also been revealed today (28th May), on what would have been James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s 107th birthday.

It is the first time the plot of a new Bond novel has been revealed ahead of publication.

Trigger Mortis will pick up with Bond two weeks after the events of Fleming’s Goldfinger, with Bond placed in the middle of the Soviet/American space race, as the United States prepares for a critical rocket launch.

In addition to featuring Pussy Galore, Horowitz’s novel will introduce new Bond Girl Jeopardy Lane, and a “sadistic, scheming Korean adversary hell-bent on vengeance” called Jai Seung Sin.

Horowitz is the first of the new Bond authors to have used original material from Fleming in his book. Fleming’s Murder on Wheels, a treatment for an episode of a never-made television series, kicks off the action of Trigger Mortis.

Horowitz said: “It was always my intention to go back to the true Bond, which is to say, the Bond that Fleming created and it was a fantastic bonus having some original, unseen material from the master to launch my story. I was so glad that I was allowed to set the book two weeks after my favourite Bond novel, Goldfinger, and I'm delighted that Pussy Galore is back. It was great fun revisiting the most famous Bond Girl of all - although she is by no means the only dangerous lady in Trigger Mortis. I hope fans enjoy it. My aim was to make this the most authentic James Bond novel anyone could have written.”

Jon Wood, Orion Publisher, said: “Anthony has delivered a stunning novel: non-stop action, a deadly, deranged opponent, and not one but two fantastic Bond women. His genius is to brilliantly capture the essence of a Fleming original and give it a 21st century edge. James Bond fans, and Anthony Horowitz fans, will absolutely love Trigger Mortis.”

Trigger Mortis is the fourth in the modern Bond books, and follows Solo by William Boyd, which was published by Jonathan Cape. The other modern Bond novels are Carte Blanche by American thriller author Jeffery Deaver, published by Hodder, and Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks, published by Penguin.

All the new Bond novels have been commissioned and authorised by Ian Fleming Publications and the Ian Fleming Estate.

Trigger Mortis will be published on 8th September.