Trigger to launch new mental health series in 2021

Trigger to launch new mental health series in 2021

Specialist mental health publisher Trigger Publishing is launching a new book series next year, focusing on "empowering people to help others with their mental health".

The How to Help Someone With... series offers advice about specific mental health illnesses, and has been written and endorsed by a group of clinical experts including Dr Rachel M Allan, Dr Pamela Mcdonald, Dr Emma Cotterill, Dr Jen Cooper, Dr Michelle Hamil and Dr Martina McCarthy. It also features the lived experience from contributors with mental health illnesses and their supporters. The series was commissioned by editor Beth Bishop. 

The publisher emphasised that mental health "continues to be a concern during the Covid-19 pandemic", citing figures from the mental health charity MIND that more than half of adults (60%) and over two thirds of young people (68%) have reported their mental health has worsened during lockdown.

Bishop said Trigger Publishing was rolling out an "important" new series that "meets a clear need: to provide family and friends with accessible information and practical advice when access to formal services may be restricted, so they can best help their loved one".

"As we face another month of lockdown, the implications on our collective mental health are yet unknown – these books will provide a vital lifeline," Trigger publisher Jo Lal added.

The series launches in August 2021, covering anxiety and eating disorders. Other books coming later in 2021 will look at depression, miscarriage, dementia and post-natal depression.