Travel publishers move into cookbooks

<p>Cornish cream, Highland venison and Cotswold cider are just some of the regional delights set to feature in new food titles as two travel publishers move into the culinary arena.</p><p>Both Punk Publishing and Alistair Sawday are diverging into food, in a move away from their traditional travel outlook. Punk has previously published books on the great outdoors with <em>it&rsquo;s Cool Camping</em> series and <em>Wild Swimming</em> books. </p><p>Punk founder Jonathan Knight said: &quot;With <em>Taste: Britain</em>, we&rsquo;ve zoned in on a specific niche that food-lovers are hugely interested in, but one that hasn&rsquo;t been tackled in guidebook format. A book like this has huge potential among people who appreciate good quality food.&quot;</p><p><em>Taste: Britain</em> is &quot;every foodie&rsquo;s dream&quot;, he added. The title looks at &quot;destination gastronomy&quot;, focusing on small and local suppliers, regional produce, speciality shops and organic food. The book will be published as an &pound;18.95 paperback on 22nd March.</p><p>Travel publisher Alastair Sawday will be launching the fourth title in its Go Slow series next year, this time with a focus on food. <em>Eat Slow</em> will highlight 90 special places to eat where chefs and suppliers go the extra mile to source local, seasonal and organic produce. Owner Alastair Sawday said the title would feature &ldquo;great places that produce great food. People who are prepared to put integrity before profit&rdquo;.</p><p> The book is to be published in collaboration with the Soil Association, a body campaigning for and certifying organic food. The association has picked 45 of the places featured with the other half coming from Sawday&rsquo;s network of hotel and restaurant contacts. <em>Eat Slow</em> is due to be published in June as a &pound;19.99 paperback.</p><p>Sawday said: &quot;Food is such a major part of what you do when you travel. I am passionate about food and organic food.&quot; Sawday added that he is passionate about organic food, &ldquo;anything that helps grow the organic food market is only a good thing.&quot;</p><p>The book is aimed at &quot;anybody who is interested in food, because it&rsquo;s important&mdash;why would anybody want to eat anything that wasn&rsquo;t the best quality?&rdquo;</p>