Part-Time Working Mummy lands books deal

Part-Time Working Mummy lands books deal

Trapeze is publishing Part-Time Working Mummy: A Patchwork Life by blogger Rachaele Hambleton.

Emma Smith, commissioning editor at Trapeze, bought world all-language rights directly from the author to publish the book in July 2018 in hardback, e-book and audio.

Hambleton has three daughters and two stepsons and runs a “brutally honest” blog about complicated family life, which has attracted over 460,000 followers on Facebook.

According to Trapeze, the book will channel her heartfelt posts, sharing the experiences that have shaped her own views on parenting and life. 

As well as personal stories and lessons, it will tackle subjects like single parenthood, patchwork families, unexpected pregnancy, domestic violence and bullying, ultimately spreading “a message of kindness amidst the chaos”. 

Smith said: “Rachaele is a wonder warrior of positivity and her fresh, inclusive approach to parenting champions diverse family experiences. This book delves much deeper than the blog, and is about celebrating the everyday heroes as well embracing real family madness (not just the 2.5-kids-and-a-steady-marriage kind). I’m so excited to have a book from PTWM that is guaranteed to raise a giggle, heal hearts and give hope.”

It will publish on 12th July, priced £14.99.