Trapeze to publish nutritionist's healthy eating for kids

Trapeze to publish nutritionist's healthy eating for kids

Trapeze is publishing health coach Lizzie King's first book, Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food.

Anna Valentine, publisher at Trapeze, bought world rights from Felicity Blunt at Curtis Brown in the book, which is to be published as a hardback and e-book, priced £14.99/£7.99, on 5th January 2017.

Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food is pitched as "the book for all parents wanting to eat healthy and delicious food alongside their kids". It aims to redress the balance where adults are getting "the fabulous new wave of healthy goodies" and kids have been missing out. It claims it will "do for children what healthy eating gurus have done for adults".

The book includes "time saving recommendations", meal plans for weeks of clean eating or lazy days and ten steps to "overcoming fussy eaters". All recipes, of which there are over 100, are gluten and sugar free.

Valentine said of King she was "a force to be reckoned with". "Say goodbye to fussy eaters and hello to food the whole family will enjoy," she added.

King is a mother of three young children and is a qualified Nutritional Health Coach, a rising Instagram star, graduate of Leith’s School of Cookery and founder of Vitalove children’s food. She said: "When you’re feeding children every single mouthful counts, but it’s relentless and can be daunting. I wrote this book to make food for everyone as delicious, easy, and packed with super-charged goodness as I could. This is the book I wanted when I had my first baby nine years ago."

Trapeze is one of the newest imprints at the Orion Publishing Group, announced in March. It launches in September this year.