Trapeze acquires Loreau's guide to better list-making

Trapeze acquires Loreau's guide to better list-making

Trapeze is publishing a guide to making better lists from the author of L’art de la Simplicite, Dominique Loreau.

Loreau's L’art de la Simplicite which focused on the art of de-cluttering sold more than 67,000 copies in the UK alone, according to Orion, and this follow up L’art de la Liste, in which the author turns her attentions to better list-making, is already a bestseller in her native France. 

Now being translated into English for the first time, it will show a UK readership "how to organise lists and use them intelligently" and how to take them on "a step-by-step journey to greater productivity". It promises to influence every aspect of readers' lives - from home, diet and beauty to mental health and self-awareness - "because to perfect the art of the list is to live simpler, richer and more organised lives".

Publisher Anna Valentine bought world English-language rights in L’art de la Liste from Benita Edzard of Les Editions Robert Laffont. It will publish on 1st November 2018 in hardback and e-book priced £12.99.

Valentine said: "I love a To Do List, but often found them unwieldy, daunting and downright impossible to complete. Until I read this inspiring and practical book, I never knew there was an art to list-making and Dominique has revolutionised my approach. I can’t wait for Dominique to sprinkle her de-cluttering magic on To Do Lists of English-language readers around the world."

Loreau said: "It is a great pleasure for me to have this book published in English and I hope it will make readers love lists as much as I do. List making is a wonderful hobby, and can become an art. But before all, it is a tool: the best one to live more freely and happily."