Trapeze to publish Instagram hit Things I Have Drawn

Trapeze to publish Instagram hit Things I Have Drawn

Trapeze is publishing Things I Have Drawn: At the Zoo by Instagram father-and-son trio, Tom, Dom and Al Curtis, in which kids' drawings are "hilariously brought to life".

Emma Smith, commissioning editor at Trapeze, bought world rights from Ariella Feiner at United Agents for publication in hardback on 2nd November 2017, in time for the Christmas market.

Taking its cue from 8-year-old Dom and 6-year-old Al, two brothers who love to doodle, dad Tom then painstakingly transforms their creations into photorealistic scenes. After sharing the images online, described as in turns "hilarious" and "sometimes disturbing", they have since featured on Japanese, Australian, US and UK TV shows, in a French music video and on news and lifestyle sites around the world.

In this first book, the family take a trip to the zoo and readers will be able to see the "weird and wonderful" creatures developed as a result, including a "gurning" goat, a "terrifying" polar bear and "a rather smug looking" flamingo.

Smith called it a "genius idea" that would have both kids and adults in fits of laughter.

Curtis, dad to Dom and Al, who transforms his children's creations in Photoshop, works for a media agency in London. He commented: "There we were, happily posting our funny little pictures on Instagram and then boom – we suddenly had 100,000 new followers and a book deal with Trapeze. Dom and Al are really chuffed. So am I. It’s brilliant that so many people seem to enjoy Things I Have Drawn as much as we do. We hope everyone likes the book too."