Former manager pens Kurt Cobain biography for Trapeze

Former manager pens Kurt Cobain biography for Trapeze

Trapeze is publishing a biography of Kurt Cobain by his former manager, Danny Goldberg, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Nirvana frontman's death. The book is pitched as "the only biography written by someone who really knew him".

Anna Valentine, publisher of Trapeze, bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Rachel Clements at Abner Stein on behalf of Laura Nolan and Chelsey Heller at Aevitas Creative Management. Serving the Servant will be published in April 2019 in hardback.

Alongside John Silva, Goldberg worked with Nirvana from 1990–1994, which Trapeze argues were "the most impactful" years of Cobain's life. It was when "Nevermind" launched Nirvana to worldwide fame, Cobain met and married Courtney Love, his first child, Frances Bean was born, and when his public struggles with addiction ended in his suicide.

According to Trapze, Goldberg will draw on his own memories of Kurt, files which previously have not been made public, and interviews "with those who knew Kurt best" to shine an entirely new light on this time in his life.

Goldberg is currently president and owner of artist management company Gold Village Entertainment, former Chairman and c.e.o. of both Mercury Records and Artemis Records, and former c.e.o. of Air America. He is also the author of a number of books including In Search of the Lost Chord, Bumping Into Geniuses and How the Left Lost Teen Spirit, as well as co-editor of It’s A Free Country.

Valentine said: "Many books have been written about Kurt Cobain, but Danny’s has the all important ingredient of authenticity. He was there at the beginning and the end, knew the key players and has memos and letters from that time in addition to his own rich recollections. It is refreshing to read a portrait of Kurt Cobain that focuses not on his torment and anguish, but on his character and drive, his talent and incredible legacy. It’s the book all Nirvana fans have been waiting for."

Goldberg said: "I began to work with Kurt the year before Nevermind was recorded and remained close to him until days before his death. Media depictions of Kurt typically focus on the tragedy of his death. While it is impossible to ignore the inner demons which tormented him, in researching and writing Serving the Servant I have been more often reminded of Kurt's brilliance, his sense of humour and his kindness to most of those around him. He was so complex that no two people experienced the same person, but I hope I am able to add another dimension to Kurt's legacy."