Trapeze lands debut by mystery publishing professional

Trapeze lands debut by mystery publishing professional

Trapeze has signed the debut novel on a dark family secret by a mystery publishing industry figure writing under the pseudonym Jessica Eames.

Commissioning editor Katie Brown acquired world all language rights and film/TV rights directly from the author, who has worked in London for five years as a publishing professional. Psychological thriller Bad Seed will be published on Halloween.

The publisher explained: “Bad Seed is a compelling psychological thriller, told in three parts, which is inspired by the news that more people than ever are taking DNA tests at home to investigate their heritage. The novel delves into the difficult relationship between mother and daughter, following the death of their husband and father two years before. It is based upon the author’s own complex family relationships growing up, especially the relationship with her step-mother.”

Eames, whose own father remarried after her mother’s death, said writing the book had been cathartic. She said: “I’m beyond delighted that it’s found a home with the absolutely brilliant Katie Brown, who is one of the most creative editors I’ve met, and Trapeze, who I hugely admire.”

Brown added: “Jessica is pulling no punches with this novel: she left me breathless with anticipation, crying after a surprising turn in the first part of the novel, and absolutely desperate to read on and find out the truth.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be working with Jessica, who is a complete natural and pours so much of herself into her work, and I am positive Jessica is going to be a reader favourite for many years to come. Trust me when I say she is a talent to watch.”