Trapeze scoops Chaos with Ed Miliband

Trapeze scoops Chaos with Ed Miliband

Trapeze has picked up Chaos with Ed Miliband, an illustrated spoof positing an alternative timeline for the last four years.

Described as the “long-awaited antidote to the long-ish-awaited autobiography of David Cameron” its title plays on the viral quote from Cameron about Miliband in the run-up to the 2015 general election, before Brexit gripped the nation.

Executive publisher Anna Valentine bought world rights direct from author Roger Gammon. The book, illustrated by Milligan from The Big Red Illustration Agency, will be published on 19th September - the same publication date as Cameron's memoir, For the Record (William Collins).

Chaos with Ed Miliband will chart the main news stories over the last four years, contrasted with “the turmoil, hardship, and downright anarchy that has occurred in Ed's life”. Its synopsis explains: “From returning his overdue books to the library (£1.22 fine, paid in full) and experimenting with a manbun to refresh his ‘Milibrand’, to organising a ‘Shadow Cabinet 2010-15 legends’ WhatsApp group trip to TGI Fridays or performing his annual sock drawer audit, readers can revel in the mundane, irreverent and frankly adorable Ed-escapes of everybody’s second favourite Miliband accompanied by hilarious illustrations.”

Gammon explained: “Having followed Ed Miliband closely for the last few years and documented his actions for this project, I think we can all be thankful that the 2015 election turned out how it did. The man is pure pandemonium, and we certainly wouldn’t have had this period of strong, stable government and national unity with him in charge. Explosive, candid and revelatory, there’s clearly only one political book people will be talking about this autumn: Chaos with Ed Miliband.”