Transworld wins auction for The Sober Girl Society Handbook

Transworld wins auction for The Sober Girl Society Handbook

Transworld has won The Sober Girl Society Handbook by Millie Gooch at auction, to publish in the new year. 

World rights were acquired from Carly Cook of The Found Agency, in conjunction with The Expert Agency.

Gooch is the founder of the popular "Sober Girl Society" Instagram account that, since September 2018, has fostered a community of women looking to change their relationship with alcohol. It has grown to amass a substantial following, with celebrity fans including Sam Smith, Zoe Ball and Bryony Gordon.

Her book is "part memoir, part survival guide", split into three sections to provide "a blueprint to give up alcohol for good". The first section investigates why binge drinking has become so normalised for women and offers an insight into Gooch's personal story, before discussing the rise of the "sober curious" movement. The second section examines what the benefits of sobriety are in terms of physical, mental and personal wellness, and the final section offers advice on how to make this lifestyle change with regard to relationships, dating and handling milestone events.

Helena Gonda, acquiring editor, said: "This is an empowering book with a simple message at its core: you can be happier and more fulfilled when you ditch the booze and take back control of your life. I’m delighted to be working with Millie—she is full of brilliant advice to show readers that sobriety can be fun and rewarding in more ways than you realise."

It will be published on 14th January 2021 under the Bantam Press imprint in hardback.

Gooch said: "I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Transworld for The Sober Girl Society Handbook. While my personal experience runs through this book, it is packed full of stories and advice from incredible women who are living their best lives thanks to sobriety. From the daunting prospect of sober sex to surviving a bottomless brunch when you suddenly have a bottom, I have tried to tackle every topic under the ‘sober scaries’ umbrella and, whether the [reader] wants to cut down or quit, I hope this practical guide will show women everywhere that breaking up with booze could be the best thing they ever do."