Transworld unveils new Sophie Kinsella novel for October

Transworld unveils new Sophie Kinsella novel for October

Transworld has announced a new Sophie Kinsella novel for October 2020: Love Your Life.

Described by the publisher as "a book to make you smile, escape and laugh out loud", Love Your Life tells the story of Ava and Matt, who meet at an anonymous, semi-silent writing retreat in Italy, and fall madly in love.

The synopsis reads: "But when they return home, reality hits, as they’re driven mad by each other’s weird quirks and annoying habits. As disaster follows disaster, it seems that while they love each other, they just can’t love each other’s lives. Can they overcome their differences to find one life, together?"

Kinsella said she had fallen in love with her fictional couple and "felt quite bereft" when she'd finished writing the book. However she said she couldn't wait to share them with the world, particularly in the current climate. 

"I’ve always written to entertain and help people escape, and I feel that all the more strongly in these strange times," she said. "I really hope Love Your Life gives my readers a wonderful, feel-good experience – I think we all need laughter and upbeat fiction more than ever."

Frankie Gray, publishing director, commented: "This delightful, funny, warm and downright glorious novel has brought me untold joy, and we can’t wait to bring this experience to Sophie’s loyal readers this autumn. As ever with Sophie Kinsella, this is a book to make you smile, escape and laugh out loud. I adored Matt and Ava and loved watching them savour the joys and grapple with the challenges that come when opposites attract..."

The book is part of an ongoing deal with Transworld, in which UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) were secured.

Her most recent book out was Christmas Shopaholic, published by Transworld in October 2019, four years after the last instalment in the bestselling Shopaholic series. 

Through Nielsen BookScan's UK Total Consumer Market, Kinsella has sold 7.6 million books for £46.8m, and the Shopaholic series has sold 1.76 million books combined, with Shopaholic & Baby the bestseller on 416,745 copies. According to Penguin Random House, accounting also for e-book sales, Kinsella has sold nine million copies in the UK and 40 million copies worldwide in more than 60 countries.