Transworld takes on near-death experiences expert Greyson

Transworld takes on near-death experiences expert Greyson

Transworld will publish a leading researcher on near-death experiences Professor Bruce Greyson, m.d. of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, as part of a major deal at auction.

After: A Skeptical Scientist's Journey to Understand Life, Death, and Beyond reveals the evidence from 45 years of research and interviews with more than 1,000 people, suggesting that consciousness is not produced by the brain and may continue after death. 

Susanna Wadeson, head of non-fiction, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights for Transworld from Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein while US rights were sold to George Witte at St Martin's Press by Doug Abrams at Idea Architects, both in major deals at auction, for publication early in 2021. Translation rights are under offer in multiple territories by Camilla Ferrier at the Marsh Agency.

Greyson said: "Most people struggle with questions about the meaning of life and death and what may happen after we die. Now, for the first time, science is bringing some clarity to these questions and what they mean for how we live. I’m thrilled to have Transworld working with me to bring this message to a wider audience."

Wadeson said: "Dr Greyson’s work is unique, and his proposal is compelling, fascinating and provocative. This book will appeal to all those searching for more about near death-experience, to popular science readers, and to those interested in more philosophical questions about consciousness. And what is particularly appealing about the material is the journey we take with Dr Greyson the scientist as we read. This is very exciting."