Transworld acquires mind coach's debut

Transworld acquires mind coach's debut

Transworld Publishers has acquired How to Master Your Monkey Mind: Overcome Anxiety, Increase Confidence and Regain Control of Your Life by mind coach Don Macpherson. 

Michelle Signore, editorial director, acquired world rights from Natalie Jerome at Aevitas Creative. Publication is scheduled for 28th January 2021. 

Macpherson, known to his clients as "The Monkey Whisperer", is a British mind coach who helps clients "quieten negative mind chatter, ease their anxiety and increase confidence". In his debut, he will share 10 practical, simple tools they can use to tune their brain and control the disruptive "monkey" of the conscious mind, according to the publisher.

Macpherson said: "I honestly never thought I would – or even could – write a book. In fact I didn’t even read books until I was well in to my 40s! My criteria for becoming an author was twofold from the outset: firstly, to be proud of my book and, secondly, to offer everyone from all walks of life a road-tested ‘menu of brain-tuning tools’ that would show people how to be more calm, relaxed and confident, and not simply tell them to be so. In effect, to teach people to be their own mind coaches and tune their own brain for better health, more success and happiness.

"I have always been fascinated in the amazing power and intricacies of the human brain, but often felt certain books were bogged down by too much scientific jargon. Being a fan of simplicity, I have done my best to keep the ‘psychobabble’ to a bare minimum. I am both proud and excited to be publishing How To Master Your Monkey Mind."

Signore added: "Over the years, Don has been asked to write a book numerous times so I’m delighted that he’s finally agreed to be published by Transworld. What I love most about How to Master Your Monkey Mind is that it is eminently practical. Anyone who is feeling anxious or who is experiencing negative mind chatter can pick it up, dive straight in and follow Don’s 10 easy steps to calmness and confidence. His writing is warm and accessible and he expresses complex theories in wonderfully simple language. The countless endorsements from sports stars, medical professionals and his ‘everyday’ clients just go to show that his techniques really do work."