Izzy Judd to tell her IVF story in Transworld book deal

Izzy Judd to tell her IVF story in Transworld book deal

Transworld is publishing Dare to Dream, a book by Izzy Judd, wife of McFly drummer Harry Judd, telling the personal story of the couple's difficult time trying for a baby and turning to IVF.

The "brutally honest" account, publishing on 29th June, will tell a story "of heartbreak and hope", according to Transworld. 

Judd was inspired to write the book after discovering a lack of IVF-related titles offering support, advice and discussion on the topic available when undergoing her own fertility treatment. The couple were told by doctors they would have difficulty conceiving and, after two years of trying, turned to IVF.

Judd's aim, drawing on personal experience, is to break through some of the taboos surrounding miscarriage, IVF and fertility issues. But while the book will acknowledge the struggles many couples go through, it will ultimately focus on the positive, life-changing and remarkable results that IVF can yield.

Michelle Signore, editorial director at Transworld, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Dare to Dream from Stephanie Thwaites at Curtis Brown.

Signore said: "I’m so proud to be working with Izzy on this important and timely book. By telling her own, deeply personal story, Izzy hopes to open up the wider conversation around fertility issues and IVF and to reach out to those who are having similar struggles. Izzy is thoughtful, honest and compassionate and these qualities will shine through on every page of Dare to Dream."

Judd added: "Trying for a baby is such a lonely time when things don’t turn out how you hope. It is a very difficult subject to talk about and yet so many couples are going through the same disappointments and loneliness. I wanted to share my story of heartache and hope by giving an honest and open account about how it feels to go through fertility struggles, miscarriage and IVF before finally having the baby I longed for so much."

She added: "I hope that Dare to Dream will be a companion to anyone dealing with the same issues. I discovered so much along the way to becoming a mum and it’s wonderful to be working with Transworld and to have the opportunity to share all that I learned through my story."