Transworld pre-empts tribute to motorsport commentator Murray Walker

Transworld pre-empts tribute to motorsport commentator Murray Walker

Transworld has pre-empted a tribute to Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker, who passed away in March at the age of 97.

Editorial director Henry Vines pre-empted world rights to Murray Walker: Incredible! from David Luxton at DLA. It will be published in hardback on 11th November.

The tribute has been written and compiled by Walker’s friend, motorsport journalist Maurice Hamilton, and celebrates Walker’s extraordinary life and career. The publisher said: "With exclusive contributions from drivers and industry figures, and many friends from the world of motorsport and beyond, the book combines fond memories, never-before-told stories and famous ‘Murrayisms’ with reflections on a life lived at full throttle."

Vines said: "Murray Walker was the voice of Formula 1, matching the thrill of the track with his equally fast-paced and exhilarating commentary, delivering the euphoria of motor racing to millions. When Murray passed away in March, tributes came flooding in from every corner of the sporting world. This book captures that affection and preserves all the wonderful stories, memories and sporting moments from a truly remarkable life."

Hamilton added: "It wasn’t difficult to find friends and colleagues of Murray willing to fondly recall a man who, in his unique way, did more than anyone to promote a following of motor sport, not only in the UK but also in Australia and other countries taking the BBC’s Grand Prix broadcasts. Murray’s distinctive and much-loved commentary carried across five decades and has presented the additional opportunity to touch on the fascinating and far-reaching changes in broadcasting and Grand Prix racing since 1949. This has been an absolute pleasure to write."