Transworld buys Ben Fogle memoir

Transworld buys Ben Fogle memoir

Transworld has acquired two titles from TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle, with the first to give an account of his "compulsive pursuit of adventure".

Publishing director, sport and entertainment, Doug Young bought UK and Commonwealth rights including serial in two books from Julian Alexander at Lucas Alexander Whitley.

The Accidental Adventurer, the first book in the deal, will focus on Fogle's adventures, including rowing across the Atlantic, walking to the South Pole and running the Sahara, and how he grew up from being a "cripplingly shy, perennially homesick young boy". Fogle first appeared on TV as part of BBC reality project "Castaway 2000", and has presented programmes including adventure show "Extreme Dreams". Transworld plans to publish in September 2011.

Meanwhile, editorial director Brenda Kimber acquired a memoir by singer/songwriter Danny Ellis, 800 Voices, for Transworld Ireland. Kimber bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Mary Clemmey, on behalf of Lynn C Franklin Associates. Kimber said: "Beautifully written and often very humorous, this is an unforgettable story of recovered memory, betrayal, forgiveness and the healing power of music".

Ellis grew up in the Dublin slums in the 1960s, and experienced physical abuse at The Artane Industrial School, the orphanage where he lived. He played the trombone in the orphanage band, and went on to work as a session singer at Abbey Road, toured as a trombonist with bands including The Foundations. The book explores his childhood memories and how he moved past them.

Transworld Ireland will publish in September 2012.