Transworld acquires Our Planet Netflix tie-in

Transworld acquires Our Planet Netflix tie-in

Transworld is publishing the tie-in to a new eight-part natural history series, narrated by David Attenborough, from the creators of BBC's "Planet Earth" Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey. 

The show "Our Planet" premieres on Netflix in spring 2019 and expects to draw in an audience of one billion viewers. The four-year project will take viewers to never-before-filmed places, from the ice caps and deep oceans to deserts and remote forests to showcase the importance of the natural world and the challenges it faces today.

Susanna Wadeson, publishing director at Transworld, acquired world rights to the book, Our Planet by Fothergill and Scholey, from Julian Alexander at LAW Literary Agents. It will be published in partnership with Silverback Films, Netflix and WWF, and co-written by environmental writer Fred Pearce, also the author of When the Rivers Run Dry (Eden Project Books).

According to Transworld, Our Planet will be highly illustrated and tell stories to reveal "the beauty of our planet, its unparalleled destruction at the hands of humans, and its insatiable ability to renew, to adapt and to evolve".

Wadeson said: "This highly illustrated book is a clarion call for restoration. It will showcase stories from every corner of our world, from the secrets behind unexplored terrains to the most precious species in existence here on our planet. Thoughtful and timely, it will highlight the places that we simply must protect: the rivers that could flow anew, the grasslands that should be flourishing, the species that could recover – from tiny insects to whales – from the damage inflicted by mankind. Building on the most expensive, most ambitious and most important natural history series ever created, the book Our Planet will reveal that this remains our planet and that we hold the power to remake it if we will."

The book will publish in hardback in spring 2019.