Transworld acquires 'epic'  Lancelot novel from Kristian

Transworld acquires 'epic' Lancelot novel from Kristian

Transworld has acquired an Arthurian legend novel, Lancelot: The Betrayal, from Giles Kristian.

Kristian, best known for his Viking trilogy The Raven Saga, will offer a "rather different" telling of the story of one of the most celebrated of King Arthur’s knights, described by his editor as "a warrior’s tale, full of battles and bloodshed". 

Transworld's Simon Taylor acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Lancelot: The Betrayal plus a second novel from Bill Hamilton at A M Heath. Lancelot is scheduled for early 2018.

Taylor said: "This is such an exciting prospect, the dream pairing of a superb storyteller, renowned for his visceral, thrumming writing, with a tale that’s ready to be reimagined for our times. It’s a warrior’s tale, full of battles and bloodshed, of course, but it’s also a story of friendship, of betrayal – and let’s not forget there’s a great love story in there too. What’s more it’s a story imbued with the magic and superstition that was such an integral part of the enchanted landscape of post-Roman Britain."

Transworld publisher Bill Scott-Kerr added: "In Giles’ hands, this epic tale is going to be brought roaring to life for a new generation of reader. Here’s a historical novel that’s going to appeal across genders and genres."