Daughter of cult leader to publish memoir with Transworld

Daughter of cult leader to publish memoir with Transworld

Transworld has acquired a "heart-breaking and uplifting" memoir, Caged Bird, by Katy Morgan-Davies, who was born into an abusive London cult and lived in captivity for three decades.

Morgan-Davies spent 30 years – her entire childhood and adolescence, as well as the start of her adulthood – within the confines of a Maoist cult run by her "cruel and megalomaniacal" father. Imprisoned in the house, she had no contact with the outside world. 

Her story talks about not only what she suffered but how she found a way to freedom through love of literature. 

Michelle Signore, editorial director, acquired world rights to Caged Bird from Kate Moore, who is acting as agent and editorial consultant on the project. It will be published by Bantam Press in Spring 2018.

Signore said: "As soon as I read the proposal for Caged Bird, I knew without doubt that I wanted to publish it. It is the most extraordinary memoir, by turns heart-breaking and uplifting. Reading Katy’s story makes you realise how easy it is for us to take so much for granted. When Katy finally escaped, she knew nothing of the world outside her front door, and to see how far she has come in terms of adapting to what, for most, is just the mechanics of everyday life is truly humbling. Katy is the most remarkable young woman and I am delighted and proud to be her editor."

Morgan-Davies added: "I have waited for this moment for a long time, and am delighted to have the opportunity to tell my story with Transworld."