Trade readies launches for new Paolini

<p>Midnight launches will be held in bookshops for <em>Brisingr</em>, the latest Christopher Paolini title in the Inheritance Cycle series.</p><p>Up to 150 stores are expected to hold events to support the launch on 20th September, said publisher Doubleday, with Waterstone&#39;s branches and a number of independents showing strong interest in running midnight events.</p><p>The high interest level has been indicated already by pre-orders on Amazon, where <em>Brisinger </em>has remained near the top of the pre-order chart for three months. UK sales to date of the first two books in the series, <em>Eragon</em> and <em>Eldest</em>, have reached more than 700,000 with a value of some &pound;6.3m before discounting, according to Nielsen Bookscan. </p><p>While the UK print run has not been revealed, US publisher Random House has announced a first print of 2.5m copies, its largest ever for a children&#39;s book. Worldwide sales of the first two books stand at 15m. </p>