Trade prepares for 'Super Thursday'

<p>Publishers and retailers are bracing themselves for a clash of the Titans on Thursday 2nd October, which is being dubbed &quot;Big Bang Day&quot; and &quot;Super Thursday&quot; because of the number of high-profile books being launched simultaneously.</p><p>Next Thursday sees nearly 800 titles come to the market&mdash;three times the daily average&mdash;among them a hefty number of titles tipped by retailers as Christmas bestsellers, including books from Dawn French, Jeremy Clarkson and Michael Parkinson, and a cluster of titles by big-name chefs including Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes and Rick Stein.</p><p>David Cooke at Tesco said: &quot;There&nbsp; is a big lump of titles coming out across the last two weeks of September and on 2nd and 16th October. The 2nd October is the biggest of the dates and it&#39;s a monster day, with most of the titles booksellers are tipping for Christmas published then.&quot; He added: &quot;A huge slug of hardbacks all arriving in one go does strain us slightly&mdash;we&#39;ll breathe a sigh of relief when it&#39;s over, as then all the big Christmas titles will be in.&quot;</p><p>Michael Jones, books category manager at Borders, said: &quot;We&#39;re calling it &lsquo;Super Thursday&#39; because all the big heavyweight titles are coming out, and it&#39;s quite amazing having them all together. It&#39;s good to get all our big books out there in the store and there&#39;s a nice mix of biographies, fiction and kids&#39; books.&quot;</p><p>Sally Hughes of the Books for Cooks bookshop in Notting Hill, west London, said: &quot;The titles are all arriving at once, and this year they&#39;re all huge too&mdash;so you&#39;re talking about weeks needed in the gym to do all the unpacking and stacking, and trying to fit them into our tiny shop. But it&#39;s really exciting.&quot;</p><p>Hodder publicist Kerry Hodd said the publisher was coping with the demands of a packed autumn schedule: &quot;We are now so used to approaching the autumn on 16 cylinders that we start in August hammering away at these things. It&#39;s always a hairball of celebrity titles, good solid fiction and autobiographies, and you just do what you can.&quot;</p>