Trade braced for second 'Super Thursday'

<p>Retailers are readying themselves for a surge of &quot;amazing&rdquo; new titles as &quot;Super Thursday&rdquo; hits bookstores on 1st October. According to Nielsen BookData, next Thursday will see nearly 800 new hardbacks, almost 10 times the daily average.<br /><p>Among the new titles released is a large number of books that publishers hope will be Christmas hits, including major non-fiction titles from Chris Evans, Jo Brand, Ozzy Osbourne and Dara O&#39;Briain, and fiction titles from Cecelia Ahern, Stieg Larsson and Audrey Niffenegger.</p><p>Gerry Johnson, Waterstone&#39;s m.d., said: &quot;Super Thursday is certainly the unofficial start of the Christmas season as far as shops and publishers are concerned. It&#39;s also increasingly important from the media&#39;s perspective, which helps provide a welcome profile boost for books. There are already a lot of major titles out, but it&#39;s important that newer titles keep arriving as Christmas gets closer. We think this year&#39;s selection is incredibly strong.&rdquo;</p><p>Sainsbury&#39;s book department manager Phil Carroll said: &quot;It&#39;s the kick-off for Christmas as far as I&#39;m concerned. The adverts for Christmas around it will let customers know about the books that are out. It&#39;s a very good list&mdash;it&#39;s probably heavy on celebrities and that is good for us.&rdquo;</p><p>Foyles chief executive Sam Husain said: &quot;It&#39;s great that by combining publication dates the trade can create a real publishing &lsquo;event&#39; which normally only happens for a small handful of single titles.&rdquo; He added, however, that &quot;it&#39;s easy to lose so many of the real gems of the publication schedule among the big hitting &lsquo;celebrity&#39; books&rdquo;.</p><p>Borders head of books Michael Jones said that this year doesn&#39;t feel quite as &quot;concentrated&rdquo; as last year due to the big releases before and after this date. She called the range &quot;amazing&rdquo; and said, &quot;it&#39;s very good for the book trade as it gets people into stores. It is actually quite nice to get lots of titles in and get it all set up.&rdquo;<br /> </p>