Toy and Dalladay move up at Transworld

<p>Transworld senior press officer Madeline Toy is to step into the role of acting publicity manager when Aislinn Casey goes on maternity leave in mid-November.<br /><br />Toy has been in the role for the past two years, where she had run campaigns for Chris Hunter, Kathy Lette, Jack Sheffield, Mark Beaumont, Mark Ormrod and James Holland among others.<br /><br />Lynsey Dalladay has also been promoted to senior press officer, effective immediately, in recognition of &quot;the pivotal role&quot; she plays as Terry Pratchett&rsquo;s publicist. Dalladay also looks after Simon Beckett, S J Bolton and Giles Kristian. The publisher also singled out her development of digital activity.<br /><br />Toy and Dalladay will continue to report to Laura Sherlock, Transworld associate publicity director.<br />&nbsp;</p>