to 're-evaluate publishing process' with digital imprint to 're-evaluate publishing process' with digital imprint

Macmillan US' SFF site has launched a new “author-centric digital imprint”, which it has described as “an opportunity to re-evaluate every step of the publishing process”.

The new imprint, which will be for novellas, shorter novels and serialisations which exceed the traditional novelette length, will feature material acquired by editors at Tor Books in the US, and at Tor UK, as well as that directly acquired by

Authors on the imprint will be offered traditional advances against net earnings, or higher rates with no advance.

Currently acquires short fiction for free publication on its website. This will continue, but titles published under the new imprint will be offered for purchase and will be DRM-free.

The imprint “will have a heavy digital focus but all titles will be available via POD and audio formats”, and some will be considered for traditional print publishing. said: “In the past six years we have had the great fortune to work with literally hundreds of authors and illustrators in the publication and promotion of their short fiction. Transitioning to an author-centric digital imprint, with the aim of fostering and reviving novella and short novel-length commercial science fiction and fantasy, is the next logical step in's evolution.

“We have worked hard ensure that our contracts are as streamlined and author-friendly  as possible, and will only include rights that can be immediately utilised by the authors. Authors will be offered the option of receiving a traditional advance against net earnings or higher rates with no advance. Royalties for all formats will be based on net publisher receipts with no hidden deductions and will be paid quarterly.

“In short, we are using this opportunity to reevaluate every step of the publishing process and are looking forward to creating a program with a fresh, start-up mentality, but with the rich legacy of Tor Books and behind us.”