Tor buys Drakenfeld series

Pan Macmillan science-fiction and fantasy imprint Tor UK has acquired world rights in the first two volumes of a fantasy series by author of existing Legends of the Red Sun series, Mark Charan Newton.

Senior commissioning editor Bella Pagan bought world rights through John Jarrold, making her first acquisition at the imprint, with plans to publish the title in 2014.

The first book in the series, which is provisionally titled Drakenfeld, introduces the eponymous hero, investigator Lucan Drakenfeld, as he is called home after the death of his father. He is immediately thrown into the investigation of a royal death, and discovers that his father's death was not as straightforward as it first appeared.

Pagan said: "Mark writes compulsive adventures set in utterly convincing new worlds - he's a terrific writer. I couldn't ask for a better start to my new position at Tor UK than this first deal."

Meanwhile, the fourth Legends of the Sun title will be released in summer 2012.