Toppsta distributes Reading Record diary to schools

Toppsta distributes Reading Record diary to schools

Online children’s book recommendation service Toppsta is distributing 10,000 copies of its new, free Reading Record diary to schools across the country.

The 24-page printed booklet, the first print product from Toppsta, encourages children to write reviews for books they read and hit reading ‘goals’, for example finishing one book, finishing five books, or finishing 10 books.

Georgina Atwell, who founded Toppsta, trialled a sample with 1,000 schools earlier this year and the diary proved so popular she had orders for 10,000 copies within 12 hours.

“Our goal at Toppsta is to reach children across the UK and the schools we’re working with are spread far and wide, from Bath to Bradford, Somerset to the West Lothians,” she said. “We have community schools, faith schools and Academies, some with eight pupils, others with 800. This is just the beginning of our schools programme. We’re so excited about getting Toppsta into the classroom and working closely with schools to celebrate reading.”

The free diary will last for the duration of the 2018/19 school year and will help children understand which books they enjoy reading and why, she added.

The diary also features eight pages of book recommendations, selected by Atwell from publisher submissions.